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Are you a gamer and have you always wanted to have your dream football team that increases your chances to win leagues both online and offline? Well, that is almost like a fantasy but with the FIFA gaming mode, Ultimate Team, it need not be. EA sports introduced a gaming mode to the FIFA game, and it actually lets you buy and sell players through a type of a virtual currency referred to as FIFA coins. Introduced to help players act as actual team managers, the Ultimate Team has gained a lot of popularity since its inception as most gamers will tell you that it has greatly improved the gaming experience. And we hope to make it even better by using our platform to advertise and bid for players who you think will make your team better. It is as real as though you were doing it in real life, as a team manager, and it includes a global transfer market where gamers can sell and buy players at the best prizes so as to get maximum profits in FIFA coins which they can save or use to get the players they need.

We are the game changers

We strive to make this a reality and by using our forum, you will be able to do this all in one website. How this works is that you will be able to place an advertisement of the players that you are willing to sell and through our wide platform of users, other gamers can see your post allowing them to bid for the players that they feel should be in their Ultimate Team. This therefore acts as a global transfer market where users are able to auction whichever player they wish.

Players will have a price based on their skill and on how good the market perceives them to be. Through our platform, all this is visible and you will be able to scroll through different players who are available in auction at a particular moment. Players will however have multiple editions of themselves and users will use a tactic to naturally undercut the market as this will often get them a quick sale.

The action deals in the universal virtual gaming currency, FIFA coins. Once you have agreed on a sale, usually after many bids as our website hosts a lot of gamers, you will be able to receive payment in FIFA coins by the agreed terms. This you can use to re-invest back into the forum and buy another player who you think should be in your Ultimate Team.

But it actually gets better in our website. We realize that not all times are we able to raise enough FIFA coins to get the player we want. We have therefore an alternative to using the FIFA coins where one can instead trade in one of his/her players for a different player. This makes it easier for people who lack FIFA coins but who wish to strengthen their teams and through a common agreement, a trade-in is possible. We have endeavored to provide a platform that is safe and secure and which will ensure that you get the best player for the best prize protecting your interest and your virtual currency which we know through our wide gaming knowledge is usually hard to come by.

Join us and let's change the world of gaming!


Hear from some of our members

These people actually bring gaming to life. I feel very much like a real life team manager with the power I have and the kind of businesses I transact on this site as well as the kind of things we talk about here. Highly recommended.

By Harley Baldwin
Woolf Brothers

They know what every gamer needs and that is why they have created such a great marketplace for gaming addicts like myself. I count myself lucky to have landed on this site. Recommended for all gamers!

By Yasmin Hunt

If you are a gamer and you have not yet signed up for this great forum, then you don't know what you are missing. This is the place to be if you have an ultimate team you want to take to the next level.

By Spencer McKenzie

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